Our Clients

Intelligent Automation and Innovation for our clients

Our Clients

What sort of clients do we serve? 

Asta BPS clients have high volumes of expensive manual work that they need to streamline, freeing their staff to focus on higher value processes.


Why do they choose Asta BPS?

There a number of global and local players in the business process automation market. AstaBPS differentiates itself through the exclusive use of enabling technology (InstaKnow).

Importantly, InstaKnow’s ability to work with unstructured data sets it apart from it’s competition. It’s extensive use of “fuzzy” logic reduces the potential impact of amendments and updates to legacy systems. (This is a weakness of many scripted toolsets.)

InstaKnow’s emerging NLP (natural language processing) tools will add to making Asta BPS your BPM and RPA consulting partner of choice.